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1. Sanctuary 6. Candles
2. Grace 7. Magical
3. Innocence 8. Dance
4. Protection 9. Moon
5. Fallen 10. Undecided
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Sometimes I think I come off as a major bitch in my reviews...

I'm really not.

I just like to tell the truth. :\
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Ramblings for No One To Read

Always so much time passes in between entires. Hah.

I now have a whopping 44 stories. Crazy life. The majority of them are one-shots, though, so whatever.

Things to do:
1. Chapter 2 of Out of the Blue
2. Chapter 6 of Independence
3. Chapter 3 and 4 of Out of the Blue
4. Chapter 1 of One Cell in the Sea
5. Chapter 7 & 8 of Independence (shouldn't be too hard. I've already written most of it, and all of Chapter 8).
6. Finished One Cell in the Sea (Again, should be easy, right? There's only four chapters planned.)
7. Possibly finish revising Into the Fire and/or finally allow myself to look at challenges.

If anyone has an challenges they think I should look into, let me know.
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"Caught in the Rain"

Okay. I finished Chapter 3 last night. It's called "Caught in the Rain", and I think it's pretty decent at this point.

Collapse )

It's so funny to be making him do normal Muggle things, y'know? I'm really enjoying writing this story. I probably would've written chapter four right after this, but my mother dragged me college shopping. Ah, well. It happens.

So, anyway, this'll go up in about a week. I just hope that the story gets more review by then. I'm actually feeling a tad discouraged, but I'm going to keep writing. For now, I'm going to go work on my Narcissa/Remus one-shots to get those out of the way. I'd really like to mostly finish Independence by the time I get to college, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen right now.
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The Absolute Chaos of My Mind.

*pounds head on keyboard a little*

I'm losing motivation. I have way too many challenges and things that I need to write, so I need to prioritize.

1. Write Ch. 3 of Independence.
2. Write both my "Flower Challenge" (Narcissa/Remus) one-shots. (Included in this is my "Mysterious Letter" challenge)
3. Complete Ch. 4 of Independence
4. Actually think of an idea/write my Random Musical challenge. ("Mamma Mia" So far, no thoughts whatsoever. I'm not even entirely sure of the song I want to pick. Any suggestions?)
5. Complete Ch. 5 of Independence.
6. The Percy in the Netherlands story for my "Exploring beyond the Borders" challenge
7. Complete Ch. 6 of Independence.
8. Maybe actually finishing revising Ch. 5, 6, and 7 of Into the Fire
9. When that doesn't work out: Complete Ch. 7 (and hopefully the last) of Independence
10. Write my "Funny Quote Challenge" story. ("Chaos, panic & disorder.... my work here is done." I'm thinking either Fred/George or Sirius would say that.)
11. If, for some sad pathetic reason, Independence is NOT finished, I will finish it here.
12. Do my Thaddeus Thurkell fic for "Famous Witches and Wizards" Challenge
13. "Reinventing a cliche" challenge. (Lily being an animagus)
14. Disney song challenge. (Not given one yet.)
15. Shakespeare Challenge ("Midsummer's")

Then maybe I'll work on Darkness Consumes Me.

Oooh, FML. And my author page full of just one-shots.

Now it would be cool to find inspiration.
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Well, hi again.

So...I haven't posted to this journal in over a year, but I have not been absent from the fanfiction community. In fact, I've probably gotten more active. I've written 37 stories at this point (which I will list in my user information). I'm now permanently at harrypotterfanfiction.com under the name "Pretty Purple Pelican". I was a validator at the site for a couple of months before I got terribly overwhelmed. I'm now a Prefect at the Forums, where I try to help out as much as I can.

And that's what I've been up to :)
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*suspense music*

Because I am horribly horribly bored. I'm going to do something I probably shouldn't.

Yes, that's right.

I'm going to post Chapter 1.

Which is horribly stupid of me, seeing that I'll be leaving for camp in *counts on fingers*...6 days, until the end of the month, so you'll all be suffering horribly.

Oh, well.

You'll live :-)

Here I go!
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*is proud* Finished chapter 14 last night. I've only got two nights left to write though. I'll try to finish it in my notebook so that'll I'll be able to type it when I finally get home.

Have to go!
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So...I should definetly be working on my fanfiction right now. But I'm far too lazy. I didn't get a chance to take a nap today and I was up until 6 in the morning last night, watching movies and hanging out with my friend.

Oh well...I'll get some in tonight. Promise. I have my notebook right here-

By Chapter 12 it is 20, 689 words

So it's going to be a long fic.

Should I give you a preview?

I've random parts written, because I haven't been in school, so there was no need to write it in my notebook. But I'll see what I have...Meh...I'm too mean. I want to hoard it away at the moment :-D
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You Better Love Me

So you people really better love me.

I had my friend over last night and we were mostly just being lazy and watching tv and I TYPED. So I know have Chapter 13 written. And it's only 900 something words. But 12 is like 2,000 something. I know I'm over 20,000 words all together. It's not going to be finished by the time I go up north, I can tell you all that now. But I'll try to get as much as possible and I might even be able to work on it up there because my mom was thinking of setting up our old computer. Which is awesome because it has a floppy disk drive. Meaning I could actually upload. I really want to see people's reactions to it
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