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The Absolute Chaos of My Mind.

*pounds head on keyboard a little*

I'm losing motivation. I have way too many challenges and things that I need to write, so I need to prioritize.

1. Write Ch. 3 of Independence.
2. Write both my "Flower Challenge" (Narcissa/Remus) one-shots. (Included in this is my "Mysterious Letter" challenge)
3. Complete Ch. 4 of Independence
4. Actually think of an idea/write my Random Musical challenge. ("Mamma Mia" So far, no thoughts whatsoever. I'm not even entirely sure of the song I want to pick. Any suggestions?)
5. Complete Ch. 5 of Independence.
6. The Percy in the Netherlands story for my "Exploring beyond the Borders" challenge
7. Complete Ch. 6 of Independence.
8. Maybe actually finishing revising Ch. 5, 6, and 7 of Into the Fire
9. When that doesn't work out: Complete Ch. 7 (and hopefully the last) of Independence
10. Write my "Funny Quote Challenge" story. ("Chaos, panic & disorder.... my work here is done." I'm thinking either Fred/George or Sirius would say that.)
11. If, for some sad pathetic reason, Independence is NOT finished, I will finish it here.
12. Do my Thaddeus Thurkell fic for "Famous Witches and Wizards" Challenge
13. "Reinventing a cliche" challenge. (Lily being an animagus)
14. Disney song challenge. (Not given one yet.)
15. Shakespeare Challenge ("Midsummer's")

Then maybe I'll work on Darkness Consumes Me.

Oooh, FML. And my author page full of just one-shots.

Now it would be cool to find inspiration.
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