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Ramblings for No One To Read

Always so much time passes in between entires. Hah.

I now have a whopping 44 stories. Crazy life. The majority of them are one-shots, though, so whatever.

Things to do:
1. Chapter 2 of Out of the Blue
2. Chapter 6 of Independence
3. Chapter 3 and 4 of Out of the Blue
4. Chapter 1 of One Cell in the Sea
5. Chapter 7 & 8 of Independence (shouldn't be too hard. I've already written most of it, and all of Chapter 8).
6. Finished One Cell in the Sea (Again, should be easy, right? There's only four chapters planned.)
7. Possibly finish revising Into the Fire and/or finally allow myself to look at challenges.

If anyone has an challenges they think I should look into, let me know.
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